8 Pioneers – 3 days of Book Sprint – 1 Book:


We not only talk about agility but apply it to our work. With a unique community experience eight senior executives and consultants, some from big corporations like Deutsche Telekom, Deutsche Post, WDR, and Infineon Technologies, wrote the book „Auf dem Weg: Erfahrungen mit Digital Leadership“ (trans. “On the Way: Experiences with Digital Leadership“)

Author team* f.l.t.r.: Kerstin Günther, Ulrike Kempkes, Barbara Rühling (facilitator), Brigitta Wurnig,  Claudia Hillebrand, Sebastian Moss,  Ralf Bornefeld, Claudia Lerch,  Denia Hegerfeld-Hellwig

All participants were thrilled how our (!) book „Auf dem Weg: Erfahrungen mit Digital Leadership“ came into existence with the Book Sprint method.

In the book, you will read about the top-topic of our time and get answers for:


  • How is leadership changing in the era of digital transformation?
  • Is trust still the base for successfull collaboration?
  • How do I lead generation Y,Z and millennials?
  • Does knowledge still guarantee power and influence or how do you create impact in your company now?
  • How does the individual maintain inner focus in a world that is constantly changing?
  • How do mindfulness and digital leadership go together?
  • Wherein do I find meaning, when the working world becomes more and more digital and virtual?

It is a practitioner’s book for all those who are in the midst of digital transformation. You will read about true stories, provocative thesis, learn about fundamental thoughts on digital leadership, and get many valuable tips and food for thoughts for your daily work as a Digital Leader.


In a Book Sprint experts come together and write a book. With guidance of an experiences facilitator and a virtual team of graphic designer, editor, and lay outer in the background. The authors work on the content in groups and individually. All in three days. A best practice example for agile and virtual collaboration and therefore, exactly the right approach for our topic Digital Leadership.


* Ralf Bornefeld –  Vice President & General Manager Automotive Sense & Control, Infineon Technologies,
Kerstin Günther – Managing Director, Deutsche Telekom Pan-Net S.R.O.
Denia Hegerfeld-Hellwig  – Executive & Mindfulness Coach
Claudia Hillebrand  –  Senior Manager Organization, Culture & Change, Infineon Technologies
Ulrike Kempkes –  Organisational- and Change Manager, Digital Transformation, WDR
Claudia Lerch –  Branch Manager/Head of Personnel, Deutsche Post
Sebastian Moss  –  Managing Director, EICON Beratung und Beteiligungen GmbH & Co. KG
Brigitta Wurnig – Topmanagement Coach & Managing Director, BW Coaching