The highlight of my last week was definitely the appearance at the All Hands Meeting at New Work SE in Hamburg. The beautiful office in the Hafencity became the stage for the hybrid event. The locations and remote working New Workers joined in, and then the party started.

I get to share this highlight with you here, because the New Workers are happy when others also learn that they invite all (!) employees to participate in the great Search Inside Yourself program.

And this is where I come back in.


Let your behavior speak for itself!


After all, I stand for the fact that with Mindfulness and Emotional Intelligence we can deal with challenges, stress and pressure in a much more focused and calm way.

Our behavior corresponds to our inner attitude. Imagine how beneficial a work environment is when everyone is doing their job with inner focus, empathy and motivation and contributing to the success of the team.

  • We accomplish more with more ease.
  • We recognize opportunities because we go through life more openly.
  • We make our decisions with clear focus.
  • We are more satisfied because we align our lives with our values.


Developing new patterns of success in the team


The good news is that we can train emotional intelligence and mindfulness, and that’s what the Search Inside Yourself program was designed to do. Born and tested at Google – and we’re now bringing it to New Work. How cool is that!

Teams can align their behavior for success with new patterns of success.


  • Instead of fighting power struggles, they deal with each other in a supportive way.
  • Customer needs are understood and no longer just “checked off.”
  • Challenges are seen as team challenges, because it is recognized that silos don’t help, but joint solutions are faster and more effective.

At All Hands, my co-teacher Marte Kamzelas and I shared our enthusiasm and experiences with Search Inside Yourself. The spark immediately jumped to the New Workers. They easily joined in the mindfulness exercise and most importantly, they signed up directly for one of the two cohorts.

After our performance, there were immediately over 100 registrations! A great success – for us, for the program and for New Work.

That was my star moment of the past week. What was your highlight? I’m happy if you write to me.


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