Your coaching experts for analytically driven executives


Coaching to the point that will clearly help you grow.

Distinct coaching packages.

Transparent costs.

Fitting your calendar.


Your coaching experts for analytically driven executives


Coaching to the point that will clearly help you grow.

Distinct coaching packages.

Transparent costs.

Fitting your calendar.

You are here for my coaching
for leaders, teams and change:


You are looking for a coach who really likes working with engineers, natural scientist, IT experts, finance experts, consultants or managers – as an individual or in teams.

Your experienced coach supports groups of 10 – 100 people through the change: working close to people, opening up concern to change, giving honest feedback to decision-makers.

You want an authentic coach who embody mindfulness and healthy leadership. His coaching is based on Emotional Intelligence and Emotional Agility.


Coaching offers for you and your teams


Top Executive Coaching – Find focus and meaning

„Volatile, uncertain, complex and ambiguous“ – Today’s world provides us with new challenges. Did you find your place? Does your leadership role feel genuine?

Executive Coaching provides clarity:

  • fast, confident, agile action
  • ability to inspire and change
  • innovative thinking
  • thinking in networks
  • digital competencies
  • questioning the status quo

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Change Support- For a stable future

Change processes are never linear but usually always dynamic. Suddenly requirements change and you need to respond flexibly.

Once the “human factor” is important, we come in with our particular change-support experienced, pragmatic, persistent:

  • Coachings for executives, to prepare you for the new requirements
  • Facilitation of team processes, supporting teams to remain operational, helping them to implement change measures quickly

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Team Coaching – Mutual benefits

Leadership teams require structures, goals, roles, relationships – are yours clearly defined?

With our Team Coaching you can set the standards for a successful team collaboration:

  • Why are you the leadership-team?
  • What is your common purpose?
  • Do you have the right people in your team?
  • Does everybody know who is doing what?
  • How do you keep your goal in mind?
  • How do you solve your conflicts?

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Mindfulness@Business – Mindfulness-Coaching for leaders and teams

Steve Jobs has meditated to reduce stress. SAP has been running mindfulness-based programs for years. You can also try this out at our Mindfulness@Business coaching program. Neuroscientific findings from brain research, mikro-methods from mindfulness, personal focus and self-management.

Mindfulness@Business: coaching for leadership and teams  

  • 4 one-hour modules build on each other
  • Live online coaching, face-to-face event or hybrid
  • Practice methods directly in the live online coaching module
  • Immediately improve your emotional intelligence.

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Checklist for Online-Coaching



Laptop/tablet/mobile with microphone, camera



Zoom, Teams, Webex, Skype



Quiet Environment, beverage, snack



Presence, holding the space, authenticity



Prior personal contact ideal but not mandatory



Max. 2 hours per online-coaching session



I conduct Online-Coaching since 2006.

Brigitta Wurnig

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Brigitta Wurnig

Search Inside Yourself (SIY)

Training for mindfulness-based Emotional Intelligence 
to improve your leadership and leadership culture

Search Inside Yourself (SIY) was invented and tested by Google to teach executives ways to strengthen their inner focus, empathy, conversational skills, and resilience in leadership. The SIY Training is also supports you particularly well in changing your leadership culture.

Search Inside Yourself (SIY) is suitable for:

  • Small to very large inter-/national groups of managers
  • Fixed teams, Project Teams
  • Departments, Divisions
  • Online and in-person formats

You can choose between two-day or multi-part in-person and online formats.

Almost all our clients come upon recommendation –
you probably as well.
This is our best quality assessment. 

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