Your coaching experts for analytically driven executives


Coaching to the point that will clearly help you grow.

Distinct coaching packages.

Transparent costs.

Fitting your calendar.


Your coaching experts for analytically driven executives

Coaching to the point that will clearly help you grow.

Distinct coaching packages.

Transparent costs.

Fitting your calendar.

Reasons you are here:


Because you know that emotional competence is as important as analytical brilliance.

Because you want to improve yourself or your teams in times of extense transformation.

Because you are looking for a modular coaching program and an experienced coach
or consultant you and your teams can work with as an equal.

We are looking forward to you!

Almost all our clients come upon recommendation –
you probably as well.
This is our best quality assessment.


You are looking for a coach who really likes working with engineers, natural scientist, IT experts, finance experts, consultants or managers – as an individual or in teams.

Your experienced coach supports groups of 10 – 100 people through change processes, e.g. he works close with people, opens concern raisers for change and gives executives honest feedback how change can get on.

You want an authentic coach who not only talks about mindfulness and leadership but lives it. His coaching is based on Emotional Intelligence, Mindfulness and Emotional Agility.

Our clients

Top Executive Coaching: Find focus and meaning

„Volatile, uncertain, complex and ambiguous“ – Today's world provides us with new challenges. Did you find your place? Does your leadership role feel genuine?

Executive Coaching provides clarity:

  • fast, confident, agile action
  • ability to inspire and change
  • innovative thinking
  • thinking in networks
  • digital competencies
  • questioning the status quo

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Team Coaching – Mutual benefits

Leadership teams require structures, goals, roles, relationships – are yours clearly defined?

With our Team Coaching you can set the standards for a successful team collaboration:

  • Why are you the leadership-team?
  • What is your common purpose?
  • Do you have the right people in your team?
  • Does everybody know who is doing what?
  • How do you keep your goal in mind?
  • How do you solve your conflicts?

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Change Support – For a stable future

Change processes are never linear but usually always dynamic. Suddenly requirements change and you need to respond flexibly.

Once the "human factor" is important, we come in with our particular change-support - experienced, pragmatic, and persistent:

  • Coachings for executives, to prepare you for the new requirements
  • Facilitation of team processes, supporting teams to remain operational, helping them to implement change measures quickly

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Supporting change

“For a sustainable change at Allianz we trust in continuous dialogue between superiors and their teams about topics like Customer Focus and Trust.  As part of the Renewal Agenda our international teams discuss in a one-day workshop the most important aspects of the new culture and determine their road map. Brigitta Wurnig, with whom we have a long-standing relationship, guides us on this journey. As a very experienced coach, she supports the teams in these open and honest, sometimes also critical and emotional discussions. As a competent facilitator, she makes this day a successful and valuable experience for the teams.”

Nadine Tschauner HR | Global Insurance Company

The person in the center

“After making several akquisitions for the entry into the German market, we discovered that the new executives had only limited knowledge about team leading and leadership. Developing our executives is key for our company strategy. In the past I had already worked with Brigitta Wurnig on other challenging team situations. Therefore, BW Coaching was the only partner we wanted for the planned coachings and workshops. Next to client orientation, leadership behavior and other aspects BW Coaching puts the person in the center. We want to work in the long run with BW Coaching and develop our people because their systematic practice combined with their „Love-Lead-Grow“-Strategy is the perfect approach for us.”

Stephan Kulawik | CEO | KILOUTOU GmbH, Mönchengladbach

Developing executives

“I work with Brigitta Wurnig already for many years. Especially for developing executives in the medical and business administration area. But she also helped me very much solving difficult team situations with her systematic approach and her experiences.”

Dr. Nils Brüggemann | Board Member | St. Franziskus-Stiftung Münster

Empathic and pragmatic

“The executive coaching with Brigitta Wurnig helped me a lot to set clear goals and to define my way. I very much appreciate how quickly she grasps the topics with approved frameworks and pragmatic approach. I have also benefitted greatly from her empathic way.”

Thomas Gerlach | Vice President Employee Services | Global Pharma Company

Team coaching with chemists

“During a long team process, Brigitta Wurnig has understood to observe the subtle team dynamics and bring up relevant topics.
She opened the team of chemists and engineers for difficult discussions with her clear words and sense of humor.
I also greatly benefitted from her coaching.”

Dr. Markus Eckert | SVP Head of BU Urethane Systems | LANXESS Deutschland GmbH

Leadership models that work

“The coaching with Brigitta Wurnig fully met my expectations.
Her method combining relevant leadership frameworks with emotions created high impact for me.
I felt very comfortable with her analytical driven approach, and her empathy opened my eyes for others.”

Dr. Martin Laurich | Abteilungsleiter Betriebliche Altersversorgung Spezial | Signal Iduna Versicherung

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