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Brigitta Wurnig


Your dream combo as a leader: Leading with clarity and self-determination while fully enjoying your private life?


It works. I help you grow sustainably as a leader with my field-tested coaching, so that …

✓ You achieve your goals in a self-determined way.

✓ You always stay calm in the storm.

✓ Your team loves your cooperative leadership style.

Gain noticeably more clarity and peace in your job and private life.


Your dream combination as a leader: clear and self-determined leadership & enjoying your private life to the full?


It works. I help you grow sustainably as a leader with my field-tested coaching, so that …

✓ You achieve your goals in a self-determined way.

✓ You always stay calm in the storm.

✓ Your team loves your cooperative leadership style.

Gain noticeably more clarity and peace in your job and private life.

Brigitta Wurnig

After the coaching you are a better version of yourself as a leader

Your clear vision about the really important things in life & job is your anchor for focus and self-determined action.

Your team loves your cooperative and authentic leadership style because you show yourself as a person and not just as a boss


You know your personal patterns, rely on your inner strength and decide correctly. You are independent

You are conscious of the here and now. You enjoy precious time with your family and friends and lead a fulfilled life.

This is not a purchase, but an investment in you as a successful leader.

Voices of my customers, 90% of whom come by recommendation.
My best quality promise.

“Brigitta was available to me as a regular contact person during the first few months of my role as a board member. She has proven to be a particularly attentive listener, who ensured that my onboarding went very well by conducting conversations very well and asking the right questions at the right time. Brigitta is empathic, experienced, flexible in her choice of methods, transparent in her approach, and through her professional manner she helped me a lot to identify personal patterns in the professional context and to find the right inner strength for the tasks ahead.”

Peter Opdemom

Board of Directors, New Work SE

“The coaching with Ms. Wurnig has helped us a lot! We had a lot of aha-moments and got many helpful tools that help us sustainably with the topics we discussed with her. This can be seen, among other things, in the fact that we often think of sentences and conversations with her in our daily work.
We also learned a lot from the coaching with Ms. Wurnig, which has helped us a lot more in our role. And in addition to her expertise in content, you always have a good mood with Ms. Wurnig!”

Alexandra Fehling & Anne Pauly

Management, BILD hilft e.V. "Ein Herz für Kinder"

“With Brigitta you can feel the professional experience in coaching. She provides structured groundwork and clear goal direction during team coaching – no one is left behind.
I have also benefited greatly from her one-on-one coaching. Brigitta’s ideas and suggestions can be wonderfully integrated into everyday work.”

Adam Fares

Head of Product Management, AAP Lehrerwelt GmbH

I show you a better way to grow personally


Coaching is like hiking. We see the summit and head for it in a goal-oriented way. I help you find the way and the right pace so that you can easily reach your goal. I am good at this because I have already climbed the summits with 5,000 leaders and their success is my reward.

Instead of continuing to wallow without a map and passively attend leadership trainings, read books or listen to podcasts, come to my unique 1:1 coaching.


My proven method takes effect from the first coaching session and opens up your path to personal growth step by step:

BWC Method Emotional Intelligence & Mindfulness

For whom is my coaching suitable?

My coaching is very pragmatic.
It’s about real leadership instead of textbook leadership. And fits for:


✔ Leaders who have the absolute will to work on themselves in order to advance personally and professionally.

✔ Leaders who can also question their opinions and let go of their past experiences to try out new ways of doing things

✔ Leaders who are open to new things, want to bring in all their questions and reflect on themselves

The 1:1 coaching takes place online or in person in Hamburg.

My coaching is not for you if …


✖ You know everything better because you have read, heard or tried a lot of things that have not yet brought any results

✖ You don‘t have time for coaching and you want to squeeze it in between two meetings.

✖ You expect quick recipes and close yourself off to open and critical feedback.

Executives from 95 top companies trust my coaching:

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Clear analysis. Down to earth. Concrete application.


Hello, I am Brigitta Wurnig.

For over 20 years I have been coaching demanding leaders with unwavering enthusiasm for the great opportunities coaching opens up for them.

I know the requirements and issues of executives from DAX-30 companies and medium-sized businesses. Men and women come to my coaching with different focuses and continue on their way with solutions and clarity.

My coaching combines management methods with mindfulness and emotional intelligence. This interaction is for me the superpower for successful leaders. Their mindset leads to self-determined action. Their calm mind lets them make better decisions. Their inner focus guides them through all storms.

One of my personal highlights are the moments when my clients go their way as leaders with inner clarity and satisfaction. My heart is especially warmed when they ask themselves why they didn’t come to my coaching much earlier.

Brigitta is also known from …

Frequently asked questions about coaching:

What happens when I book a get-to-know-you meeting?

When you click on the button, you will be shown a Calendly window with which you can book your desired date. After booking, you will receive the confirmation and the team link by email. We talk about your situation and clarify your questions in a video call. The conversation is non-binding for both sides and costs €0.

How much is the investment?

The coaching is Brigitta’s premium offer for managers, because it only deals with your individual topics in personal sessions. The content and the process are completely tailored to you. You get access to Brigitta’s calendar so that you can book sessions yourself. The investment is between 5.000 – 20.000 € net, depending on the duration of your coaching.

How long does a coaching process take?

Experience shows that coaching lasts between 3 – 12 months. This depends on your development areas and the leadership situation you find yourself in. The duration is determined before the coaching so that you have planning security.

How much time do I have to plan for the coaching?

Depending on your leadership situation and your coaching topics, you should plan between 1-2 hours a week or 2-4 hours a month. Does that sound feasible?

Can I end the coaching prematurely if I am not satisfied?

Yes, you can end the coaching at any time if you are not satisfied. This is done by mutual agreement with a final session because it makes no sense to continue coaching if the mutual basis of trust is missing. You will not be charged for the agreed coaching sessions that are still open.

Get off your hamster wheel. Take your success into your own hands.