When I was thinking about what I wanted to write about in this year’s Christmas letter, it kept running through my head that Christmas is, after all, the festival of love.

Now love might sound a bit unusual in a business context, but then I remembered the quote from Charlie Chaplin:

I know very many companies in which power is exercised, e.g. to secure one’s status, to advance one’s interests, to achieve personal advantages or to discredit or eliminate employees, peers or superiors.

This is called elegant political games – and in the end only one person ever wins and the others lose. For example, they lose face, credibility, success, or motivation. So when “evil” wins – to stay with the Chaplin quote – we are left with frustration, demotivation and sadness.

But what would happen if we acted with love on the job? Let’s replace love with compassion, the attitude that is characterized by the desire to understand the other person and the offer to support him/her. So with listening attentively, showing understanding and searching for a solution.

Let’s go back to a saying: “What goes around comes around!” So, when we interact with each other in an attitude of compassion instead of nasty power plays, we not only let the negative behaviors of others go to waste, but we experience our counterpart reacting in a more friendly, open and constructive way. There is simply no herb against love/compassion.

So, if you want to be happier on the job – and of course in your personal life – show a little more compassion and understanding for your counterpart.

Show him/her that it is important to you to be friendly, open and constructive with each other. Let the power games go more and more into the void and open the space for psychological security and trust. You will be surprised how easy and pleasant it can be on the job.

With these thoughts on the feast of love, I wish you a wonderful Christmas in the circle of your loved ones and a successful start into the new year 2022.

I thank you for your trust in this year and look forward to further enriching encounters.


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