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Brigitta Wurnig talked about how the business world is undergoing various changes brought about by the Fourth Industrial Revolution. As a result, executives are facing leadership challenges as organizations take on the task of digital transformation. Business leaders seek for approaches to take on the challenges of the changing industry environment. This includes the following:

  • How does the VUCA world (volatile – uncertain – complex – ambiguous) impact leadership and collaboration?
  • How can we transform from traditional leadership to agile leadership?
  • What are the new leadership behaviors we need?
  • What does all this mean for new ways of working in teams?


New demands on leaders


Based on the BW Coaching White Paper “Digital Leadership – Company Leadership in the Age of Digital Transformation”, 2017, our participants took away the following new demands for leaders:

  • Communication and fast flow of information
  • Curiosity, flexibility
  • Leading „Millennials“, Digital Natives
  • The speed of new developments
  • Working closely with clients
  • Hierarchy and Organisation Changes, and flexible Work Formats and Work Places

Agile structures, methods, and teams


Digital Leadership means that companies and their managements must radically rethink and change

  • their organisations,
  • their structures,
  • their leadership principles and
  • the ways in which they involve their staff,

in order to do justice to digital requirements and developments. Organizations need to implement agile structures, methods, and teams.


“5 Success Factors for Agile Teams”


BW Coaching has developed 5 success factors for teams for working in an agile environment which enhance team work facing new customer demands, shorter development cycles or need for innovations:

Workshop leaders


Brigitta Wurnig is the CEO of BW Coaching as well as the author of “Auf dem Weg: Erfahrungen mit Digital Leadership”.

Pat Roberts builds the bridge for SA clients, especially for German Expats in SA. She is a Senior Coach, serving SA clients on business and intercultural coaching.




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