Today I conducted my first virtual coffee break with clients and colleagues who had signed up via my newsletter. After a mindful arriving exercise everyone contributed with his/her experience about “One thing that I changed due to Corona and which really feels good”.

Our brain immediately goes into flight-fight-freeze mode when we are stressed. Therefore, I avoided the dreadful Corona topic and focused on positive experiences instead. This activates brain regions connected to love and kindness.

We heard about playing almost forgotten music instruments again. Caring about yourself with sleep, good food, an exercise. Fathers going for walks with their kids and having great conversations. Parents reserving me time while organizing their day with two small kids and two in home offices. Finding time for repairing things in the house. Exploring digital tools with fun and curiosity. Extending meditation practice. Celebrating birthdays aside the garden fence serving champagne with rubber gloves. A lot of funny and inspiring stories.

After a short meditation we left the session in high spirits and everyone wants to continue with this coffee break.