“Supervising Senior Coaches”
7th ESMT Coaching Colloquium 2015, Berlin


Plenary discussion at ESMT 2015; Brigitta Wurnig discussing benefits and methods for supervising senior coaches with Dr. Tatiana Bachkirova, Oxford Brooks University, and Prof. Carol Kauffman, Harvard Medical School and IOC.



Sometimes even topmanagement coaches need some support from the force 🙂

About 60 invited senior coaches from all over the world met in Berlin and discussed this years colloquium topic: Coaching Leaders for Followership.

Next to interesting lectures especially from Manfred Kets de Vries on leadership, the individual case studies lead to valuabe insights for our work as coaches with senior and topmanagement.

Brigitta Wurnig also contributed to the plenary session about supervising senior coaches wiht Dr. Tatiana Bachkirova and Prof. Carol Kauffman.