New Patterns of Success for Hybrid Workers: 
Search Inside Yourself (SIY)

The mindfulness-based Emotional Intelligence program to improve your leadership and leadership culture

Want to increase your mental fitness right now*?

Then the Search Inside Yourself program (SIY) is just right for you!

The holistic program for Emotional Intelligence increases your mental fitness with step-by-step instructions and methods.


You will immediately experience how you become more focused in your work, strengthen your creativity and resilience, and find more satisfaction in your work and life.

  • 66% of participants feel less stress 
  • 60% of the participants deal better with their emotions 
  • 64% of the participants cope better with conflicts
*Source: Search Inside Yourself Program Impact 2019

SIY was invented and sponsored by Google


Worldwide, 40,000+ employees and teams have successfully participated in the SIY program in companies such as Google, SAP, Facebook, Allianz and LinkedIn. SIY has been conducted over 400 times in more than 35 countries around the world. 

The good news for you: Emotional intelligence can be trained – as proven by numerous studies. SIY is practice-oriented, highly interactive and neuro-scientifically based. You will take away many exercises that you can immediately apply in everyday life.

We promise that in the program you will immediately experience
how your Mental Fitness and Emotional Intelligence grow

You will experience step-by-step how to increase the 6 competencies of Mindfulness-Based Emotional Intelligence.

1. Mindfulness
2. Self-awareness
3. Self-regulation
4. Motivation
5. Empathy
6. Leadership 

The program uses successful methods for a sustainable increase of your mental fitness


✔ 6 live modules with step-by-step instructions to easily learn Emotional Intelligence.
✔ 9 live micro-exercises to easily integrate what you learn into your everyday life
✔ 15 live guided mindfulness methods to see immediate results during training
✔ 5 short videos of Jon Kabat-Zin, Daniel Goleman, Dan Harris, Brené Brown, Jeff Weiner sharing their knowledge on Emotional Intelligence
✔ 18 studies-sources that show the neuroscientific impact of mindfulness and meditation methods.
✔ 28 day challenge with daily short exercises for sustainable implementation of what you have learned after the program.
✔ 1 completion live session with further instructions on how to form new habits

    Choose from 2 formats for groups
    up to 100 participants

    • In-person 2 days at the location of your choice
    • Online 6 x 2 hours via Zoom
    • In English and in German

    For whom is SIY suitable?

    • All employees in the company if a holistic change exists
    • Only executives, if a change in the leadership culture is imminent
    • Teams, in order to visibly improve cooperation with Psychological Safety and Emotional Intelligence.

    You want to conduct SIY with your group?
    Then book your get-to-know conversation now.

    Participants are enthusiastic about the effect of the SIY program

    Do you want your training group to become mentally fitter immediately with SIY?
    Let’s find out in a free get-to-know conversation!


    Simply arrange a free 30-minute get-to-know-you call
    with SIY Trainer Brigitta Wurnig. 

    I will explain the SIY program, do short exercises and answer your questions. 
    Everything is easy and uncomplicated to organize. For 0,00 €, without obligation.

    The Dream Team – Brigitta & Marte
    SIY Trainer


    Certified in a 1-year training by the Search Inside Yourself Leadership Institute.

    We belong to the exclusive group of about 50 independent SIY Trainer in Germany.

    Marte Kamzelas

    Why are a former McKinsey coach and an
    investment consultant becoming SIY Trainer?

    Before we learned about the Search Inside Yourself program, we had already been familiar with Emotional Intelligence, mindfulness and meditation for many years

    What was it going to bring us that was new? Of course, we were curious to see what Google had come up with, because if the Internet giant puts its employees through this program, it must be really good

    After the program, we were convinced that it held the right answers for leaders who recognize that in our VUCA world, self-awareness, mental fitness, and serenity are the critical skills to guide themselves and their teams through many a storm. 

    We knew we wanted to take this message to the business world and went through the SIY Trainer certification.

    A year of training for a two-day program? Sounds weird at first, but…. the SIY program should not simply be “delivered” by trainers, but by teachers who internalize and exemplify the content. That’s why we studied the neuro-scientific basics, program content and also deepened our mindfulness and meditation practice.

    Participants say that they particularly appreciate this lived conviction in the program.  

    When should you join the SIY program?


    • You want to use the current exceptional situation to find new answers for mental fitness, more composure and inner peace in everyday leadership.
    • You are one of those who have realized that the VUCA world needs different leaders than before and you want to expand your leadership tool box with innovative approaches.
    • You have had enough of waiting for stress to subside on its own and are ready to get out of it faster with effective and simple methods.

    When is the SIY program NOT for you?


    • You are not (yet) ready to invest time in developing your mental fitness as a leader, because you assume that sleep and sports are enough to become calmer inside.
    • You think that you don’t have to deal with mental fitness in your job, because working even more, reaching goals and working overtime are enough to be satisfied.
    • You rely exclusively on facts and analysis in your job and don’t want to deal with how emotions can provide you with important information for decisions and courses of action.