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Female Leaders watch out: Tired of fighting for recognition as a leader? Act now.


Learn how to instantly stand out in a “man’s world” without having to change.


In 8 weeks, I will show you how to stop the daily struggle and receive the recognition and appreciation you deserve as a female leader.

Benefit from my 23 years of practical know-how with approx. 5,000 male top managers and decode all the alpha types and power games that annoy you.

✔ Come out of the shadows by positioning yourself clearly and show those around you that you are the best person for the next important project and the new role.

Develop great self-confidence so that you can master criticism, feedback and emotional tsunamis with confidence.

Brigitta Wurnig – BW Coaching

Next GOLD Program in German: 7 March 2023

Enthusiastic participants from top companies

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Erfolgreiche Frauen gehen ihren Weg

As a female leader, you know this.

Crazy bosses, colleagues or employees wear you out. Your team doesn’t accept you as a leader because you are the only woman or the youngest in the team. You want to please everyone and suffer from your emotionality. You are often interrupted by the alpha dogs in meetings, which annoys you. When you get critical feedback, your self-worth wavers. You can’t go on like this.

Let’s face it. If you do nothing,

you continue to work diligently without visible recognition. And not only that. You overlook the traps in the power game and remain the outsider. At night you brood and make yourself small. You miss the chance for a fulfilling job and a happy life.

I know this too and share with you over 8 weeks all my practical knowledge, how to finally get out of this situation, stand your woman and shine

Instead of continuing to attend leadership trainings, read books or attend retreats, come to my live GOLD Coaching Program for Female Leaders.

From now on, make sure that …

✔ you are respected by alpha dogs because you clearly meet them at eye level
you are accepted as a leader because you are confident in your leadership role
you also say no, because you can set yourself apart
you make yourself heard in meetings because you discuss with confidence
you reach your goal with ease because you remain clear and focused in your strength
you can take criticism more easily because your self-worth can take it well.

Step by step you will become a self-confident, radiant female leader in a man’s world. It’s about real leadershipand sound practical knowledge instead of leading according to the textbook.

Brigitta Wurnig

I developed the GOLD Female Leaders Coaching Program because I want to help women in leadership positions to realize their full potential and to be calm and happy in their jobs. They should shine confidently and authentically on the business stage.

That’s exactly what awaits you in the 8 weeks:

Exclusive circle

The high-end format is limited to a group of women who want to learn and grow like you. This way I can be close to you and also respond well to individual questions.

8 Self- & LIVE Coachings

Weekly selfcoaching with workbook plus live coachings with Zoom. Practical tips, effective methods and AHA moments are guaranteed! Be sure to keep these dates free. Limited recordings due to confidentiality.


Hey, you get a sister at your side! In between modules, you’ll exchange ideas online. Celebrate your progress and work together on your workbooks and transfer. Real sister feeling.

The app for on the go

With the app, you can easily access the workbooks and chat with the Sister community on the go. Your support network is just a click away. You are not alone if you have questions.

I take you by the hand step-by-step with workbooks and live coachings in 8 weeks in the GOLD program. Break through traditional patterns in 8 modules and convince as a leader with sovereignty, authenticity, and assertiveness.

Enthusiastic participants beaming after the GOLD Coaching Program

“I really liked that I could question things. The triad “input, tasks, breakouts” was great and I met very nice successful women.“

Eva Ruckriegel

Transformation Manager, Allianz SE

“Thank you, Brigitta, the Female Leaders Coaching Program was great because it fitted into my overall situation. I was able to question what my priorities are, what is really important to me and where I want to go.
I really liked the psychological approach. Every week I looked forward to the Masterclass.”

Beatrix Stindt

Head of Operations Customer Service, Axel Springer SE

“The meditations at the beginning and end of the masterclasses helped me to focus on the group and the content much better. I gained new insights and met great women.”

Flordelisa Amann

Program-Manager, Heraeus Noblelight GmbH

“My conversations with Brigitta have helped me to better understand unconscious reactions or behaviours, to set new goals and to approach new challenges with a strengthened self-esteem and above all joy. Thank you for that!”

Ulrike Bergler

Vice President People & Culture News Media National, Axel Springer News Media National GmbH & Co. KG


Unique coaching program for women in leadership

This is what you get in the GOLD program

✔ 20 great Female Leaders max (priceless)
✔ 8 weeks of self-coaching instructions (value € 395)
✔ 12 hours of live coaching via Zoom (value € 4.950)
✔ Weekly Sister Tandem (worth gold)
✔ App for access on the go (priceless)
✔ Bonus material & unlimited access (value € 395)
✔ Priceless self-confidence (worth gold)
✔ Visibility, authentic appearance (worth gold)

Next GOLD program

✔ From March 7 to April 25, 2023
✔ Every Tuesday from 16:00 to 17:30 CET
✔ Online via Zoom
✔ € 2.485 plus VAT per person. You are worth it!
Only here you can benefit from Brigitta’s 23 years of coaching experience with top managers.

Make your golden core shine!

Successful women love my coaching and no longer hide their light under a bushel

“Dear Brigitta, we have known each other for over 10 years and you are simply a woman I love to work with because of your fresh, natural and competent way. Inspiring ideas, constructive feedback, always helpful and valuable. I would like to highlight our projects on the topic: “Are women the better leaders?”. Your keynote at our management conference inspired many of the colleagues to controversial discussions. Our online coaching for women with an international composition on the topic “be present be you” was a complete success! Thank you very much and I look forward to further projects with you and your network.”

Claudia Bartels

HR Manager, NSK Deutschland GmbH

“The coaching with Ms Wurnig helped us a lot! We had a lot of “aha” moments and were given many helpful tools that will help us in the long term with the topics we discussed with her. This is also reflected in the fact that we often think of sentences and conversations with her in our daily work.
We also learned a lot from the coaching with Ms Wurnig, which helped us a lot more in our role. And in addition to her expertise in content, you always have a good mood with Ms Wurnig!”

Anne Pauly & Alexandra Fehling

Managing Directors, BILD hilft e.V. "Ein Herz für Kinder"

“I have learned to maintain my own focus and have become more aware of my strengths. I can now read the “man’s world” better onthe job and navigate it well.”

Nicole H.

Team leader

“Brigitta, you are always open and honest with your feedback! Your coaching speeds up the process of overcoming outdated behaviours and coming into your own strengths.”

Elisabeth Hecker

95 top companies trust Brigitta’s coaching:

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I was where you are now. Today I enjoy my authentic standing


For 23 years, I’ve stood my ground in a business world. First at McKinsey and then as a coach in top management. In the beginning, I appeared quietly and was not seen. I realized: I have to work on my self-worth in order to meet alpha men at eye level.

After many trainings, self-experiences and books, I attended a coaching program and identified my inner saboteurs. I learned how to free myself from my limiting mindset and come into my strength.

Since then, I appear more confident and win more clients from top management. Today I am at peace within myself. My clients love my composure and clarity and are highly motivated to follow me.

After coaching 5,000 clients, I know almost all the behaviors of male alpha types. I coached countless women leaders on how to assert themselves without having to change. You can also learn this skill when you come to my GOLD coaching program.

Brigitta is also known from …

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Eine selbstbewusste Frau

Do you want to keep hiding your light under a bushel, or do you want to finally ...

be recognized and seen as a leader
✔ spend less time fighting and more time on your issues
✔ get your team behind you
✔ swim more confidently in the shark tank
quickly build up enthusiastic staff and colleagues in the new role
✔ spend time with your family and sports without feeling guilty
✔ make your life more relaxed and optimistic.

For whom is the GOLD Female Leaders Coaching Program suitable?


✔ Female leaders who have the unconditional will to work on themselves in order to grow personally and professionally.
✔ Female leaders who can also question their opinions and let go of their past experiences to try out new ways of doing things.
✔ Female leaders who are open to new things, want to bring in all their questions and reflect on themselves.

The GOLD Coaching Program is not for you if …


– You know everything better because you have read, heard, or tried a lot of things that have not yet brought any results
– You do not take time for the coaching program
– You expect quick recipes and close yourself off to open feedback.

Do you have a question for me:

How can my company pay for my participation?

No problem. After you have registered bindingly, you name us the invoice recipient and we send you the invoice.

How do I take part in the live coaching sessions?

After we have received your payment, we will give you access to the members’ area. Here you will find all the materials and zoom links. The procedure is explained in detail.

How much time do I have to plan for the program?

Plan about 3 hours per week for your development. We meet weekly for 1.5 hours for live coaching via video conference. For the preparation you should plan another 30-60 minutes in total. In the Sister Tandem you exchange ideas for about 20 minutes. Does that sound feasible?

How do I organize the program if I have children?

Plan 1.5 hours a week for live coaching. You can plan the rest of the self-coaching at your own pace and according to your free time because the exercises are divided. Plan 1 – 2 hours per week for this. Does that sound feasible?

What if I do not yet have disciplinary management responsibility?

That’s not a problem, because you still lead your team or your project. You have to deal with almost the same challenges and therefore benefit from the GOLD Coaching Program.

What do I need to bring with me for the live coaching sessions?

We meet online via ZOOM for live coaching. You need a laptop with camera & microphone, stable internet, and a quiet environment. Take good care of yourself and have enough snacks and drinks with you.

When will I receive my live coaching material?

You can use your live coaching material as soon as we activate it. This always happens in good time before the next Live Coaching. We will announce further information shortly before the start of the Live Coaching.

What do I need to know for the Sister Tandem?

Your sister tandem helps you to reflect on the content and discuss personal questions. We put the sister tandems together and you will be informed who your sister is.

The sister tandems take place online and you choose the tool you want to use, e.g., Teams or Zoom. The meeting should last 15-30 minutes, whichever suits you best. You will also arrange your meetings between the live coaching sessions during the first live coaching session.

How is confidentiality maintained?

We agree on confidentiality with all participants at the beginning and I assume that this will be respected. If you have any doubts about this, please tell me quickly during the live coaching so that we can clear them up.

Is group coaching something for me?

The group offers the great advantage that you get to know many different women who are successfully mastering their path. You benefit from the variety of opinions and experiences of the other women. At the same time, you can also bring in your own issues.

Where can I ask questions during the program?

You can ask your questions directly during the live coaching. We will clarify technical questions about ZOOM during the live coaching.