Coaching in emotional intelligence

Mindfulness has now arrived in business.  It is the basis of emotional intelligence, the decisive leadership skill of our time. companies, such as SAP and Facebook, run company-wide mindfulness programs, helping their leaders and employees increase concentration, reduce stress, and promote emotional intelligence. 

Mindfulness simply means “being present in the present moment”. We are in the here and now with our thoughts and feelings. Take notice of the situation and actors in it. Are aware of ourselves and proceed with focused attention. 

Our coaching program “Mindfulness@Business” has been developed for people who want to deal more consciously with themselves and others in their professional life. People who want to give their lives a deeper meaning and want to develop their personality for it.


1. Keep your inner focus to remain strong

From autopilot to conscious decision, video, journaling, small groups, exchange

2. Manage emotions when stress gets to high

Recognize and manage triggers, develop self-compassion, guided meditation, small groups, exchange

3. Strenghten your inner esilience to look ahead

Three steps of resilience, Optimist – Pessimist, meditation, small groups, exchange

4. Respect time to manage it meaningfully

Importance of time and how we deal with time, journaling, small groups, exchange

Brigitta Wurnig

Your Live Online Coach

Mindfulness@Business is a mindfulness coaching for teams and groups:

  • Four 1-hour modules 
  • Live Online-Coaching, In-person coaching
  • Also for global participant groups
  • German, English

Our best feedback – participant voices:



Thank you very much for the beautiful hour of resilience.



I would like to express my sincere thanks for this session, from which I left with fresh energy and new courage!



After four weeks I am still enlightened!



It was a lot of fun and gave me new impulses.



You coached us confidently and used the software excellently – thank you, was very enriching.



Thank you very much for the loving and competent leadership of the seminar, it was nice to experience the commonality.

BWC book –
The importance of mindfulness and business

In our BWC book we already showed the importance of mindfulness and business in 2017. The topics are more actual than ever, because the Corona crisis is also changing collaboration and leadership requirements. 

Learn more about:

  • How do you maintain your inner focus in an ever-changing world?
  • How do mindfulness and digital leadership fit together?
  • Where do you find meaning when the business world becomes more and more digital and virtual?
  • How is leadership changing in the digital age?
  • Is trust in the team still the basis for successful cooperation?
  • How do I lead Generation Y, Z and millennials?
  • Is knowledge still power or how do you create an effect in the company now?

You get an insight into true stories, hear sometimes provocative theses, get to know basic reflections on the topics and receive many valuable tips and thought impulses for the daily leadership of our digital working environment.

You can order our German BWC book as paperback or e-book at Amazon.

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