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BW coaching methods


Our BW coaching methods have emerged from the findings of many years of coaching experience, studies of current management methods and sound coaching training. They are based on the concept of emotional intelligence according to Daniel Goleman and the pillars of mindfulness. It is very important to us that they are practical and above all create the space for deeper reflection and personal development.



The four phases of the BWC-method are the guide of all coaching conversations so that you gain clarity. The BWC-method stems from the conviction that self-awareness is the basic prerequisite for personal development.




Clarity about behavior patterns How do I perceive myself interacting with others?Which reactions do I receive? How satisfied am I with this?



Reflecting identified patterns When did this behavior help me? What has changed? How can I adapt in order to be successful in the changed situation?



Develop measures Which measure can I implement? Which measures allow me to be capable of acting? How do I develop my skills?


Sustainable success How can I stay focussed in the long run? How do I concentrate on my internal resources in a sustainable manner?



“Love-Lead-Grow” presents in a compact manner the three most important fields of action and development that influence managers, teams and change processes. The model includes the insights from about twenty years of coaching experience with executives and management teams. We can use the model as an orientation for your coaching. You can always use it yourself as an impulse for your own reflection.

Give leadership focus and purpose


… your inner self
… your job
… your clients


… your life
… your team
… your business


… your emotional agility
… your values
… your community

Happy team, happy customers


… the challenge
… the change
… the collaboration


… by purpose
… by example
… by dialogue


… your customers
… your job
… your team‘s trust



… acting flexible

… overcoming obstacles

… communicating continuously


… with emotional intelligence

… with clarity

… with honesty


… your people
… your results
… your culture

Agile Teams


We have experienced the five success factors for agile teams in our Book Sprint and developed them further as a model for you. The model is tried and tested and can be used in team life. In team coaching, we work with the model as a checklist for the composition of agile teams and as a guide for team reflection.

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